Workout Routines for Beginners

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Daniel Zukich offers many Workout Routines for Beginners

Working out when you are not familiar with how to properly workout can be an intimidating task for anyone. My professional workout plans are designed keeping the beginner in mind.

Do not let intimidation hold you back:

Do not let my size fool you, I was a beginner once myself and I have not forgotten today how intimidating it is walking into a gym for the first time and being one of the smallest guys in there. I can imagine this feeling is quite similar rather you are the smallest guy in the gym or the biggest guy in the gym.

The beauty of people who are involved in fitness, we all love to see new people walk into the gym as it shows you do want change and are taking that first step to a healthier better you. That is what fitness is all about.

Daniels Motto:

I am very big on “never look down on someone for beginning a journey to better themselves no matter what that journey may be”.

I would like to help as many beginners feel more confident when walking into the gym to workout as I possibly can in my life. So, if you are new to working out, please check out my Workout Routines for Beginners 

What’s included?

With my custom workout routines for beginners you will find clear directions on how to perform all workouts included in the plan. If you still do not quite understand how to perform a particular lift, exercise, or stretch, you will have my contact details and I believe there is no stupid questions other than the ones not asked.

Healthy Meal Planning:

While my beginners workout routines are proven by my current and previous clients, no workout routine will magically make you bigger or smaller without proper diet. I have been studying nutrition for a number of years and have learned and taught many beginners as well as professional athletes the importance of a proper diet that is customized to your body and your goals.

I offer Affordable, Custom Healthy Meal Planning packages as well.


Remember, never be too intimidated to take the first step to your fitness success. If you absolutely refuse to go to the gym, look into making a home gym. You can view some home gym equipment reviews online

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  1. Daniel, I would just like to take a second to thank you for all you have done for my wife and myself. We are in the best shape of our life from using the multiple plans we have purchased from you. We purchased one of your New Years Specials with the coupon provided a few years back and you have been a life saver! Your workout plans are so easy to follow that we know anyone who has never touched a weight or walked into a gym can easily follow your directions. You are also one of the nicest gentleman we’ve ever had the pleasure of doing business with.

    Thank You!

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